AGM – Annual General Meeting

The AGM is an important date in the year for all clubs. Its where we reflect on the year past and look forward to the future making plans on how to continue together, decide on the club goals and how to achieve them.

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The agenda will follow these points.
Chairpersons address
Secretary’s report
Treasurers Report

Then the Committee will be dissolved and the new committee elected by club members.

Have a think if you want to put yourselves forward for any of the positions which are:

Role – Current Officer
Chairperson – Justin Parks
Secretary – Matt Dent
Treasurer – Oisin Mac Giolla Chuda
Public Relations Officer – Jojo O’Hara
Kids officer – Jojo O’Hara
CCC Representative – Justin Parks
Iberian Representative – Justin Parks

Anyone can be nominated for the committee and requires a second. People can put themselves forward in advance and be seconded. If more than one person wishes to take the role then at the club will vote as per the GAA rules:

– 2 candidates – simply majority determines the outcome
– 3 or more candidates – a) Candidate that reaches quota* deemed elected b) If no candidate reaches the quota, the candidate with the lowest number of votes, eliminated, and you vote again.
*Quota – 50% + 1

*Exception: The Children’s Officer shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting on the recommendation of the outgoing Executive Committee.

If you want to be considered for as team manager or a role on the management team – you will need to put yourself forward at the AGM to the new committee.

Management and coaches will be appointed by the new Committee. The manager will then work with the other members to fulfil responsibilities within the team, eg Conditioning Coach, Tactics, Kids Coach (in conjunction with the kid’s Officer), player liaison etc. to ensure we have the best management team possible for the future.

The team Captain for next year will be appointed by the management team and will be based on their assessment. The Captain will be appointed before the first game of the season.


We will also need to address the issue of raising funds for next year our Membership/player fees and club structure. The committee can make adjustments to this before the start of the season depending on the situation.

Celta Malaga are seeking support and we should understand that having a neighbouring club is huge for us and we want to offer support to them in any way we can to help establish and grow.

We will then go on to establish dates and decide on events for the rest of the Summer to include the whole club.

Also, parents can have a say on the state of the club, what they would like to see included and to have their say on trips, events or improvements we could make.

The final order of business is to decide what we will do as a club for the 2019/2020 season. The CCC Officer will need a clear indication from the club on what we wish to do unanimously.

Each clubs options will be presented and voted on to the CCC which is made up of one member of each club. We have made it simple over the last few years and each club has one vote and we make decisions like this on a simple majority. No one can abstain. If there is serious concern the issue can be referred to the County Board CCC (John Murphy) though it’s preferable to avoid that.

Our options are:

  1. Continue the league from 2019 to a final
  2. Discontinue the league entirely possibly defaulting the win of the season to Seville who are top of the leaderboard
  3. Discontinue the league entirely allowing Gibraltar to remain as reigning champions from the 2018 season
  4. Overlap the league into the new season adding points as wins and losses to the previous season as we open the new season. (Wild one I know but has been discussed – eg we plan the new season and the first match is Costa Gaels v Gibraltar Gaels – the points for the winner of that go to both the last season and the season ahead – this is to allow the last season to continue and the new season to develop.
  5. Any other ideas or thoughts or opinions.

The CCC will have to consider the dates, availability, the teams size and structure, and try to put the best most progressive and fair format forward.

An Example of a running proposal before the COVID was to play a league with as many games as possible until Christmas, 60-minute games, then after Christmas form squads of 7/9 from each club. (Eg Costa Gaels could make 2 squads, Seville 3, Gibraltar 3) define the rules of the panel and substitutions and floating players then from January on play tournaments in the same format as is played in Europe and Central (short 10-minute games over a half-day or more) to finally have a winner each time.

This gets decided in August at the Annual CCC meeting.