Andalucian League Rules

Structure of League 2016

Full 60 min games  – with added time/injury time at the discretion of the referee.

We will NOT be introducing the MARK this season. With kickouts on the smaller pitches we need to decide in IBERIA what the method of play should be as a kick out can travel to the half forward line with the right keeper rendering the whole thing a bit null.

  1. All teams play single 60 minute games  and points are allocated as part of the league on a win lose or draw basis as below.Game points:Win: 2 points
    Draw: 1 points
    Loss: 0 points
  2. Throw in time – AFTER – noon (to allow opposing team adequate time to travel – matches can be played at 16:00 or later! if required!)
  3. In the event of a draw in the league the two teams who have drawn must arrange a date not more than 3 weeks after the final date of the league in either the pitches of the THIRD team or a neutral location convenient to them.
  4. Gum Shields are REQUIRED – for many reasons. All players to wear them and Refs are advised to, and will, enforce this rule. Players not using a gum shield will be shown a yellow card and be replaced on the pitch with another player until they have a gum shield at which point the ref must be informed and the normal process for substitution will take place.

Basic Rules

GAA official rules except for:


  1. UNLIMITED subs allowed (NOT ROLLING SUBS!), but only permitted after wide, score or injury and after the referee has been alerted and permitted the change.
  2. If a substitution is made without the referee’s consent then a verbal warning will be given (Referee’s discretion). A second offense will involve the “new” player being returned to the line and a free given to the opposing team.
  3. Players CAN be substituted off and return to the field of play again.


  1. Host team provides a respectable quality food after games are played.
  2. All players pay €10 for pitch rental and food on the day.
  3. Host teams provides at least 1 litre of water per player.

Match Dates

See the events calander


Generally, all rules apply with these clarifications as below:

Red Card – Ref to report this – player off immediately and misses next match
Yellow Card – two yellows and you are off – but do not carry to next match
Black Card – off  and change player – but do not carry to next match

If a Red Card is given in any match, the player’s name should be recorded and then verified with the players team captain and manager at the end of the match.

Red Cards are to be reported both clubs, Andalucian officer (CCO) and the CCC…disciplinary action is a possibility with the ECB.

Panel Size

Panel size is effectively unlimited but all players should be registered in your club on servasport and paid up fees before being eligible to play.


  1. Pitch is not available due to act of god
  2. Inform all other teams immediately
  3. Source an Alternative venue
  4. Change to other club pitch and lose home advantage
  5. If 10 days or more notice,  a date change is possible if discussed and agreed
  6. If none of the previous efforts are viable – 2 pts awarded to the other team.

In the case of a team not having enough players we must use common sense to push the match ahead, so the visiting team can give players but they SHOULD begin with goalkeeper position and move from there… this probably deserves more discussion as the possibility of the “weaker” team winning are minimal but if it WAS to happen on the day…then they probably deserved it!

if a minimum 11 ONLY is available then that is the club’s issue not the other parties. (in the interests of good sportsmanship it is up to the other team if they should give a spare man) but that should be noted by the referee.