Player Self Assessment Form

Fill in the fields from 1 - 10. 10 is the BEST score... and no, you cannot be all tens. Get real. But Seriously, fill in the form to help yourself and us with your training and potential. (I said no 10s...)


Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness is the ability to perform the techniques, engage in physical contests and respond to the sounds and signals experienced during the game.

Technical Ability

Technical Proficiency is the ability to perform the underlying techniques of the game accurately, consistently, and at match tempo.
Doesn't spill ball in contact
Proficient off both hands
Proficient off both feet for all kicks
Can execute a perfect block
Can execute overhead, body, and low catch
Frontal/Near Hand/Shoulder & Delay/Deny/Dispossess

Tactical Prowess

Tactical Prowess is the ability to weigh up match situations and decide on what option to take and when to take it.
Appreciates space and takes up good positions
Plays with the heads up - pre & post scanning
Can bring other players into the game
Sees plays developing and can predict player movement or intent
Can change the direction of the play when appropriate
Doesn't waste support runner & doesn't carry the ball into traffic

Team Play

Team Play is the ability to anticipate movements and synchronise who should go where during play or set-piece situations
Can preserve & exploit space in attack
Understands & can carry out team plays & systems of play
Can deny & restrict space in defense
Can contribute to combination & support play
Communicates well with their teammates

Personal Attributes/Mental Skills

The ability to maintain attention on the ’here and now‘ and switch concentration as the need arises.
Will take charge during crisis points
Puts self in physically challenging positions for team
Displays the lifestyle of a high performance athlete
Critically analysises own performace for improvement
Sees him/herself playing to maximum potential
Can deliver in crisis/can focus on the here & now


The GAA Respect Initiative aims to promote positive behaviour and to ensure that an enriching environment is provided for the promotion and development of Gaelic Games.
How did you manage your temperament? Was it positive and did you manage it well?
How did you conduct yourself in regards your team, to officials and the spectators?
How was your attitude before, during and after the game?
Was your language on the pitch positive and encouraging?

You have The Last Word

Win, lose or draw we should always review our last game and what worked, what didn't, and how you as a player and we as a team can improve. Take a critical view of the last match played and give us your input on them so we can improve!
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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