The 2016 Andalucia Gaelic Football League begins!

Another year to look forward to here at Costa Gaels, as we start to get back in to the swing of things after a long, hot summer…

A big welcome back to all our current members; players, children and parents and to the many more that will hopefully be joining us in the coming months.

To get us started, this year see´s the introduction of Healy Mac´s Bar & Restaurant becoming our Club sponsor for the 2016/2017 season. A huge thanks to Liam Healy for supporting the Club this year which will only prove to strengthen the club and spread the word of Costa Gaels across the Costa del Sol.

Healy Mac´s was open in March this year, and is situated in the heart of Estepona Marina. For those who have not checked it out yet, it is well worth a visit!


We would like to put on record once more our thanks to David Reilly and Biddy Mulligan’s Irish Bar in La Cala de Mijas, our sponsors in previous years.  Davey has supported the club for many years both as sponsor and club treasurer, and is one of a number of people who worked so hard to keep the club running over the years.

Thankfully Davey hasn’t hung up his boots just yet, and is pushing hard for a place on the bench this season after recovering from a number of imaginary injuries!

Club Matters

The AGM will take place on Sunday at 12 midday in the Trocadero Marbella Rugby Club. (Yes thats this Sunday coming! See you all there!)

Essential for all those currently involved or hoping to be so with the Club. We are always open to new volunteers & ideas so if you have the enthusiasm to support the Club along the senior, underage or potential ladies teams then please do not hesitate to get in contact in advance of the meeting. Speak to one of the current committee members or drop us an email.


Back in full swing after a few sessions in the September heat, training continues on;

Thursday nights at 19:30 & Sunday mornings from 10:30

Located at Marbella Rugby Club – see our website for further info

This year the senior team will be managed by Phillip Conlon, supported by Barry O´Keefe, while Luke Hill continues as strength and conditioning coach.

The league start is just around the corner and this year see´s the format change for the Andalucian League. There will be no more tournament structure, just individual games home and away. Costa Gaels will begin with at home against Gibraltar on Saturday 1st October, throw in at 15:30.

You can keep up to date on all results, fixtures and league standing at our website, facebook page or monthly newsletter updates or alternatively come and support us on the day before the All-Ireland replay!

Underage Club

Following the AGM a date will be confirmed for the first session back, as in previous years we have pitch availability on Sunday mornings as normal. Kids from ages 6  and up are more than welcome to come and join in. With qualified coaches in the senior ranks we have more volunteers and assistance for our underage set up than ever, however as always; the emphasis will be on having fun while learning gaelic games.

This year we would also love to make the most of the enthusiasm, skills and most importantly patience (!) of parents to help the Kids Club grow even more.  If you feel you can contribute in any way please let us know.

Ladies football?

Seville are now flying the flag for Ladies/women´s GAA in Andalucia, after forming a team last year they have gone from strength to strength and have started to compete against other Spanish clubs, it would be great if we could follow in a similar path…

If we have any ladies out there interested from a playing, coaching or organisation perspective please do not hesitate to get in touch.

A Fond Farewell!

In other news, we say goodbye to a club stalwart in Liam Riordan, who goes on to new adventures. While we are sad to see him go, we are delighted that he has taken on the challenge of  forming a new club in Malaga. Named Celta Malaga we wish him every success and will give every support possible!

Info for the Celta Malaga club is available online here: or

Liam has been a constant figure in the senior team and instrumental with our kids club over the years. A huge thanks to all he has done and the best of luck with Celta Malaga. If you know anyone in the area that would be interested in playing then please do pass on the relevant contact information.

As always you can keep up to date on all Club news via; &

Please pass on to all friends & family let´s get our Club heard!

See ya soon &
Costa Gaels GAA Abú!

GAA Iberian Final Madrid 2016

The Iberian final of the newly formatted national league was played today in a humid 24 degree heat in Madrid. This year, Iberia was regionalised into three separate provinces. Galicia in the north with 11 teams, Central with 5 teams and our league in the south with 3 teams.

GAA has developed to the stage whereby the previous format of a one day tournament simply could not be supported and the segmenting of the clubs allowed for more flexibility, a reduction in travel costs and more freedom in managing the local areas.

This meant that the north were allocated 3 spots, central 2 and the south 1 to create a final of 6 teams on the day.

The days football results ended up like so:


Group Stages

Crest Team 1 Score Vs Score Team 2 Crest
madrid-harps-logo Madrid Harps 0-11 V 0-3 Fillos de Breogan coruna-small
irmandinhos_escudo_03 Irmandinhos 2-04 V 1-05 Estrela Vermelha estrela-vermelha-gaa-logo
madrid-harps-logo Madrid Harps 0-07 V 0-05 Valencia San Vicent Valencia-GAA-Sant-Vicent
eire-og-sevilla-logo Eire Og Sevilla 1-03 V 1-06 Estrela Vermelha estrela-vermelha-gaa-logo
coruna-small Fillos de Breogan 2-06 V 1-12 Valencia San Vicent Valencia-GAA-Sant-Vicent
irmandinhos_escudo_03 Irmandinhos 2-07 V 1-08 Eire Og Sevilla eire-og-sevilla-logo

5th and 6th Place play-off

eire-og-sevilla-logo Eire Og Sevilla 0-03 V 0-07 Fillos de Breogan coruna-small

Semi Finals 1 & 2

madrid-harps-logo Madrid Harps 1-12 V 0-03 Estrela Vermelha estrela-vermelha-gaa-logo
Valencia-GAA-Sant-Vicent Valencia San Vicent 1-06 V 2-08 Irmandinhos irmandinhos_escudo_03

Playoff for 3rd and 4th Place

estrela-vermelha-gaa-logo Estrela Vermelha 1-06 V 0-03 Valencia San Vicent estrela-vermelha-gaa-logo


madrid-harps-logo Madrid Harps 2-07 V 0-03 Irmandinhos irmandinhos_escudo_03


Ladies Final

Group Stages

Crest Team 1 Score Vs Score Team 2 Crest
oleiros-small Artabras de Oleiros 1-02 V 3-10 Irmandinhos irmandinhos_escudo_03
estrela-vermelha-gaa-logo Estrela Vermelha 0-03 V 2-16 Fillas de Breogan coruna-small
irmandinhos_escudo_03 Irmandinhas 2-06 V 4-05 Valencia San Vicent Valencia-GAA-Sant-Vicent
madrid-harps-logo Madrid Harps 0-13 V 0-07 Estrela Vermelha estrela-vermelha-gaa-logo
Valencia-GAA-Sant-Vicent Valencia San Vicent 6-13 V 0-08 Artabras de Oleiros oleiros-small
madrid-harps-logo Madrid Harps 0-08 V 7-04 Fillas de Breogan coruna-small

5th & 6th Place Playoff

oleiros-small Artabras de Oleiros 1-03 V 2-11 Estrela Vermelha estrela-vermelha-gaa-logo

Semi Finals 1 & 2

coruna-small Fillas de Breogan 4-16 V 4-07 Irmandinhas irmandinhos_escudo_03
Valencia-GAA-Sant-Vicent Valencia San Vicent 2-05 V 2-08 Madrid Harps madrid-harps-logo

3rd & 4th Place Playoff

irmandinhos_escudo_03 Irmandinhas [N/A] V [N/A] Valencia San Vicent Valencia-GAA-Sant-Vicent


coruna-small Fillas de Breogan 6-08 V 2-07 Madrid Harps madrid-harps-logo



Final Standings For The Iberian Finals 2016


  1. Madrid Harps
  2. Irmandinhos A Estrada
  3. Estrela Vermelha Compostela
  4. Valencia Sant Vicent
  5. Fillos de Breogán A Coruña
  6. Eire Og Sevilla


  1. Fillas de Breogán A Coruña
  2. Madrid Harpettes
  3. Irmandinhas A Estrada
  4. Valencia Sant Vicent
  5. Estrela Vermelha Compostela
  6. Ártabras Oleiros

The Toughest Trade 2 – Aidan O’Shea – Roberto Wallace

In this series AIB, sponsors of the AIB Club Championship, explore #TheToughest lives of GAA athletes and how they compare to their professional counterparts across the world.

With only one way to find out, we have drafted in ex-NFL Star, Roberto Wallace, and former England cricketer Steve Harmison to put this theory to the test.

The pair of professional sportsmen are set to trade places with Mayo All Star Aidan O’Shea and Tipperary hurler Brendan Maher, who will in turn be temporarily transferring to the world of NFL and a premier Australian Cricket Club respectively.


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