Gibraltar Tournament – A tough day in October

A tough day in Gibraltar to begin the season and a few hard lessons for us as we played two games and missed out on a win. We know what we have to do now and aim to sort it for the tournament in Seville!

Game One
Gibraltar 2-08 (14) vs Costa Gaels 2-04 (10)

Game Two
Gibraltar 2-02 (08) vs Seville 2-10 (16)

Game Three
Seville 4-07 (19) vs Costa Gaels 1-08 (11)

The league is now as such

Tournament 1 (of 6)
Éire Óg Sevilla – 4 points
Gibraltar Gaels – 2 points
Costa Gaels – 0 points

See you all Wednesday for Training and Yes – its gonna be tough!


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First Round of the Andalucia League for Irish Football in Marbella

Results from Saturday the 18th – Andalucía League – GAA – Marbella |Seville |Gibraltar

A hot afternoon at Marbella Rugby Club last Saturday saw Marbella, Seville and Gibraltar meet for the first game of the season of the Irish Football (Gaelic) League. Some relief was provided by light clouds but not for long as the football soon took over and the intensity increased. Marbella began against a Seville team that held some new faces and both teams battled for the first half to find a foothold and gain an advantage to no avail. A second half saw Marbella achieve a well placed goal that revitalised the effort and helped them pull ahead to the final whistle leaving them 3 points clear.

costagaels-2014-squadThe next match featured Marbella again against Gibraltar who took the field with a strong panel and fresh legs and the first half was tough for both sides as an entrenched Marbella battled against fatigue to hold which they managed with the score at half time being 03-04 putting Gibraltar ahead by 1 point. The second half was to prove the decider for Marbella however as the half passed Gibraltar grew in strength and eventually left Marbella behind with a convincing win.

The final game saw Seville, having rested somewhat, take on a now freshly blooded Gibraltar, and again, the first half proved to be a struggle for any side to pull ahead to any degree. The second half was again to show in Gibraltar’s favour as they edged ahead eventually pulling clear with a solid 4 point lead.

All in all an excellent days football and all the clubs would like to thank Marbella Rugby Club for hosting us and Seamus Whooley of for his unbiased and free flowing refereeing!

Final Results

Marbella: 13  v  Seville 10

Marbella: 06  v Gibraltar: 15

Seville: 10  v Gibraltar:  14


League Standings

Gibraltar 4pts

Marbella 2pts

Seville 0pts


The  next outing for the Andalucía League will be to at the Iberian Cup in Seville on 22nd November. Clubs from Galicia, Madrid, Barcelona and Andalucia will compete for this inaugural title.

All the teams form part of the European County Board and have members from many nationalities: Gibraltarian, Irish, English, Australian, Spanish, Czech & Romanian and are always looking for new players, supporters and people to help out.

For further details visit and get involved!

Paddy’s Day!



Amidst all the Irish madness that is promised with Marbella’s first annual St Patrick’s Day Festival, the Costa Gaels will be demonstrating to all and sundry just what Gaelic football is all about. On March 17th the team will be holding an exhibition match on the beach just next to Marbella’s Puerto Deportivo, as part of the planned festivities. With so much pedestrian traffic on the paseo, and with the numerous tents and attractions that will form part of the Paddy’s Day celebrations drawing tourists and passers-by to the port, thousands of people will get the opportunity to see a bunch of sun-burned Paddy’s kicking a ball around while they enjoy their Guinness and munch on special Irish tapas. The Costa Gaels are inviting anybody to join in and try out for themselves of one of Ireland’s favourite sports. Kids are especially welcome to take part, and it is hoped that the Paddy’s Day exhibition match will attract a few more players to join the team.

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