Buying a Car

If you drove here, grand. USUALLY, if you haven’t done any custom modifications you just need to register the car to Spanish plates (Cambio de matriculacion).  BUT of course the drivers on the wrong side, cant even use a toll road :P Plus they are hard (no! impossible!) to resell and worth diddly.

Use AutoScout to find out what’s on the market:





Drivers, there are some SERIOUS savings on fuel with these apps.



EG on the day I checked – In Marbella there is DERV going for 1.39 and across the street it’s 1.78 in CEPSA!

Car Rental

Car rentals can be written off as an expense if you run a business so its worth considering that way.

Try for decent business deals

Aside from that the rentals change massively in the high and low seasons so hard to make solid recommendations on the best providers there.

Also note, with a full driver’s license and over 25 years old, you can drive any insured vehicle your license authorises you for. In Spain, they insure the vehicle, NOT the driver, so that’s great!

With a simple agreement, you can rent a car to anyone!

Some good tips on that here:

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