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Charties supported by the GAA Legends for their annual charity fund raiser and golf tournament.

GAA Legends Charity Event 2009

gaa legends charity event

GAA LEGENDS ALL IRELAND CHARITY GOLF INTER – COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIPS The new brochure for the event has just been released with full details for the golfing and charity fund raising event from May the 6th to May the 9th 2009.

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Who are the GAA Legends at the charitry event in Spain?

The GAA Legends currently attending and participating in the event  (to the best of my knowledge) include: Bernard Flynn – Chairperson 32 Captains Representing 4 Man Inter-County Teams Antrim Des Donnelly Armagh Joe Kernan Carlow Hughie Brennan Cavan Ollie Brady

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GAA Legends Charity Event

The Annual GAA Legend Charity event is beign held in Spain this year  in April, so its just around the corner. More info to come asap as I get it in.

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