Frees and Penalties in GAA Football

What happens when the ball some muppet tries to take the legs of ya or even more idiotically, does it in the box…

Frees & Penalties

If a foul is committed outside the fourteen-yard line, the free is to be taken by a player on the attacking side, from the ground (in Gaelic football the free may now be taken from the hands. If he is taking the free kick from the hand, he is not allowed bounce the ball, throw it from hand-to-hand, etc., before the free is taken).

gaa-free-kickFor any foul committed inside the 14-yard line, but outside the large parallelogram, are brought out to the 14-yard line, perpendicular to the end line. The free may be taken from the ground or hand, and the same rules apply to the free taker if the free is being taken from the hand.

If a personal foul to an attacking player is committed within his opponents’ large parallelogram, a penalty to the attacking team is awarded. Penalties are one-on-one frees taken from the 14 yard line, directly in front of the centre of goal. In Gaelic football only the defending goalkeeper may stand in the goal, but in hurling the goalkeeper and two other players may line the goal.

All players (except the player taking the penalty and those on the line) must be 14 yards away from the ball and outside the 14-yard line, and may not encroach on these boundaries until the ball has been played. Recently, new markings to the pitch showing these boundaries have been introduced.

If a technical foul is committed by a defending player within his own large rectangle, but outside the small parallelogram, a 14-yard free is awarded to the attacking team.

If a technical foul is committed by a defending player inside his own small parallelogram, a penalty is awarded to the attacking team.

A special free called a ’45’, in football, and ’65’ in hurling, is awarded to an attacking team if a defender plays the ball last before it crosses the defenders’ end line. This free is so called because it is taken from the defenders’ 45/65 metre line. This free must be taken from the ground. It is taken perpendicular to where the ball crossed the line.

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5 comments on “Frees and Penalties in GAA Football
  1. Brian Gallagher says:

    In this years hurling final
    The Clare goalkeeper saved a penalty by coming off his line and outside the goal line box area .

    Was this legal in hurling rules ?

  2. Brian Gallagher says:

    How many players are allowed to stand on the goal line when a penalty has been awarded in Hurling ?

  3. Ultan Tuite says:

    How many defending players are permitted to be on the goal line when facing a 14 yard free kick in gaelic football?

  4. Billy murphy says:

    If a player gets fouled and gets a penalty but he then retaliates and gets sent off , does the penalty still stand or is it a throw in or a free to the defending team?

  5. Costa Gaels says:

    Fun one that! I will bet that its hop ball but best check the rules here or here:

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