Help us raise funds to get tablets for the Hospital Costa Del Sol!

*(Not those tablets!)

Tablet for Hospital Costa del Sol

IMPORTANT!! – If you have an old tablet or one you dont need anymore please contact us, we are also taking donations!

Hospital Costa del Sol

The Costa Gaels have been in touch with the Hospital Costa del Sol to see how best we can support them and they have informed us that they are desperate for “tablets”.

This might sound surprising considering they are a hospital but no! Not those type of tablets! The technical kind that have apps and games and movie and messaging services!

Admitted patients are regularly stuck for ways of communicating with family or even just passing some time playing apps or watching a movie in the hospital so we got together and decided to start this fundraiser to hit €1000 and buy as many decent tablets as we can and have them delivered to the hospital direct!

We are really aware that times are tough for many, so we dont want to ask for much but any donation is gratefully received and is going to help patients and in turn, give the medial staff some much needed relief!