The Iberian final of the newly formatted national league was played today in a humid 24 degree heat in Madrid. This year, Iberia was regionalised into three separate provinces. Galicia in the north with 11 teams, Central with 5 teams and our league in the south with 3 teams.

GAA has developed to the stage whereby the previous format of a one day tournament simply could not be supported and the segmenting of the clubs allowed for more flexibility, a reduction in travel costs and more freedom in managing the local areas.

This meant that the north were allocated 3 spots, central 2 and the south 1 to create a final of 6 teams on the day.

The days football results ended up like so:


Group Stages

Crest Team 1 Score Vs Score Team 2 Crest
madrid-harps-logo Madrid Harps 0-11 V 0-3 Fillos de Breogan coruna-small
irmandinhos_escudo_03 Irmandinhos 2-04 V 1-05 Estrela Vermelha estrela-vermelha-gaa-logo
madrid-harps-logo Madrid Harps 0-07 V 0-05 Valencia San Vicent Valencia-GAA-Sant-Vicent
eire-og-sevilla-logo Eire Og Sevilla 1-03 V 1-06 Estrela Vermelha estrela-vermelha-gaa-logo
coruna-small Fillos de Breogan 2-06 V 1-12 Valencia San Vicent Valencia-GAA-Sant-Vicent
irmandinhos_escudo_03 Irmandinhos 2-07 V 1-08 Eire Og Sevilla eire-og-sevilla-logo

5th and 6th Place play-off

eire-og-sevilla-logo Eire Og Sevilla 0-03 V 0-07 Fillos de Breogan coruna-small

Semi Finals 1 & 2

madrid-harps-logo Madrid Harps 1-12 V 0-03 Estrela Vermelha estrela-vermelha-gaa-logo
Valencia-GAA-Sant-Vicent Valencia San Vicent 1-06 V 2-08 Irmandinhos irmandinhos_escudo_03

Playoff for 3rd and 4th Place

estrela-vermelha-gaa-logo Estrela Vermelha 1-06 V 0-03 Valencia San Vicent estrela-vermelha-gaa-logo


madrid-harps-logo Madrid Harps 2-07 V 0-03 Irmandinhos irmandinhos_escudo_03


Ladies Final

Group Stages

Crest Team 1 Score Vs Score Team 2 Crest
oleiros-small Artabras de Oleiros 1-02 V 3-10 Irmandinhos irmandinhos_escudo_03
estrela-vermelha-gaa-logo Estrela Vermelha 0-03 V 2-16 Fillas de Breogan coruna-small
irmandinhos_escudo_03 Irmandinhas 2-06 V 4-05 Valencia San Vicent Valencia-GAA-Sant-Vicent
madrid-harps-logo Madrid Harps 0-13 V 0-07 Estrela Vermelha estrela-vermelha-gaa-logo
Valencia-GAA-Sant-Vicent Valencia San Vicent 6-13 V 0-08 Artabras de Oleiros oleiros-small
madrid-harps-logo Madrid Harps 0-08 V 7-04 Fillas de Breogan coruna-small

5th & 6th Place Playoff

oleiros-small Artabras de Oleiros 1-03 V 2-11 Estrela Vermelha estrela-vermelha-gaa-logo

Semi Finals 1 & 2

coruna-small Fillas de Breogan 4-16 V 4-07 Irmandinhas irmandinhos_escudo_03
Valencia-GAA-Sant-Vicent Valencia San Vicent 2-05 V 2-08 Madrid Harps madrid-harps-logo

3rd & 4th Place Playoff

irmandinhos_escudo_03 Irmandinhas [N/A] V [N/A] Valencia San Vicent Valencia-GAA-Sant-Vicent


coruna-small Fillas de Breogan 6-08 V 2-07 Madrid Harps madrid-harps-logo



Final Standings For The Iberian Finals 2016


  1. Madrid Harps
  2. Irmandinhos A Estrada
  3. Estrela Vermelha Compostela
  4. Valencia Sant Vicent
  5. Fillos de Breogán A Coruña
  6. Eire Og Sevilla


  1. Fillas de Breogán A Coruña
  2. Madrid Harpettes
  3. Irmandinhas A Estrada
  4. Valencia Sant Vicent
  5. Estrela Vermelha Compostela
  6. Ártabras Oleiros
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