How to setup and run a feckin brilliant pub quiz on zoom

*Cause why not like

Step 1 – The Setup

No long bullshit intros. Just straight to it. We love a quiz, we love a get together and the craic.

This is how you do it with Zoom.

A free Zoom account has a 40 minute limit so you have to start again. That sucks.

Get someone with a pro zoom account. That allows unlimited call time and up to 100 participants. The host or quiz master should be on a laptop or desktop computer also, some things you cant manage on a tablet or mobile. Its not impossible its just more difficult.

Setup a meeting with your personal id (its simpler) as its YOUR private room in Zoom. This will be the same URL (meeting room address) always then so folks can bookmark it or future reference.

The owner of the account is host by default. If you are the Quiz Master for the night the account owner can make you the host.

You want to be host as it has the power to MUTE ALL. This allows you to get everyone to shut the feck up and listen as you explain the quiz rules or when asking the quiz questions.

To do this, go to MEETING – select MUTE ALL.









A popup appears.

Make sure to UNTICK the option so its like this:




Now! Your in control.

Send out the link to the meeting on email, or to the whatsapp group or Facebook. Folks will click it and join.

*NOTE – try and get them to login previous to make sure mics and audio all work. Imagine 23 people trying to fix their bloody settings at the same time is torture.

*Oh! – You can mute all if it gets annoying or mute an individual person if there is an audio issue. 

Step 2 – The QUIZ

We messed about with a few formats but this is simplest and works well. Send folks to this page to get them to read these instructions so everyones on the same page.

Instruct everyone to change the view to GALLERY view.

On mobiles, swipe left.

On desktop look at the top right of the meeting and click GALLERY VIEW.

Then make it known who the host/quiz master is and tell folks hover over or select them. When they do this

On mobile, select, chat – to send that person a private chat.

On desktop select the three dots on the top right 

Now, the Quiz itself!

The quiz should be broken up into rounds of different categories of 5 / 8 / 10 questions. We found 5 is enough.

The fewer the number of questions the less likely you will have to mute everyone as the craic and sarcastic comments gather momentum.

*We try to let the craic flow but if things are delayed or someone is acting the maggot, mute all or mute them. It can be quite fun to mute annoying people. :)

Everyone should be sending their answers to the quiz master privately on chat.

*If someone shouts out the answer MUTE THEM for the next question or round as punishment…or kick them outta the room :)

Once the round is over the Quiz master can quickly make a note of the scores per person then move on to the next round.

You CAN SHARE YOUR SCREEN and show youtube videos and ask questions like “What happened next?” by pausing at the right time, or showing graphics from google image search and referencing a question there. 

At the end, announce the scores from the lowest to the highest!

*Fun Point – for late arrivals, you can do a quick fire round of all the questions they missed with 5 seconds to answer each one to bring them back into the game!

We sometimes throw a prize in for the winners. €10/20 or whatever to the top scorer (the competition heats up when cash is on the line!) and it lends itself to tie breakers or quick fire rounds to decide the CHAMPION OF THE VIRTUAL ONLINE DIGTAL PUB EVENT QUIZ.

Stick around after, have a beer, chat and most of all, HAVE FUN TOGETHER!