Heres the lowdown on the torunament folks as per our Kev from Seville. (if you want theres some nice info about the arrangements on their Seville GAA website)

1. The men will be playing on an artificial pitch and the ladies on a grass pitch with the final of the ladies on the artificial pitch, so bring adequate boots.

2. We need to start finalizing the numbers for the tournament.
Cost is as always:

  • €35 tournament + lunch + dinner
  • €20 for dinner
  • €5 for lunch

Let me know how many “35s”, “20s” and “25s” you are getting per team! The pitch we are using does NOT have a bar / restaurant, We´ll be selling snacks / drinks (Red Bull for Seville and beer for the rest of you) there, if you can bring change, all the better!


In regards the Seville Tournament and costs/prices.  We all have to bring 35 euros to the training on Wednesday night (sorting that booking out, should be at 7pm’ish). For the hostel, we also will have to make arrangements so we need confirmation of;

1.       Who’s going to the tournament on Friday the 19th

2.       Who’s staying Friday only and who’s staying both Friday and Saturday.

We should have the information then on prices per night for the hostel but assume its about 20 euros per night (it will be less than that) and we can collect that money on Wednesday as well and we are done so bring in total 75 euro. Will aim to have a more accurate figure before then.

If you can get in touch with Justin on or Gordon on his mobile (see the Get in Touch page) and let us know if its an “aye” or a “naw” that you can make it that would be appreciated.

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