The Costa Gaels are really interested in starting a ladies Gaelic football club here on the costa del sol and want to know if you, your wife, sister, girlfriend or simply a friend would be interested in getting involved in helping to put together a team for the ladies.  Its in the very early stages but a few have put their name forward as being interested and will be training on Sundays in Ojen with the mens squad until the numbers are sufficient to train and play independently.

The Valencia Ladies Gaelic Football Team

Initially we see it starting as something social for the girls to get together and meet one another with the GAA team as the social glue that keeps you together but really the Costa Gaels as it currently stands would be so proud to have the girls accompany them to the tournaments throughout Iberia and Europe through the year. As you can see from the photo above, Valencia have a well represented female team and we really want to see the same here on the Costa Del Sol.

If you happen to be reading this and know of a female friend who would be interested in giving it a try, please let them know and tell them to get in touch with Gordon or Justin.  We would be more than happy to hear from them!

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