We REALLY want to develop the ladies side of the club.

Over 12 years now we have focused 100% on maintaining the club with the men and the senior squad and in the last two years we have developed the juvenile aspect of the club (with great success!) but the ladies side to the club has been missing, notably so.

We do not lack the bodes though. Plenty of Mums come to the kids training on a Sunday, plenty of wives, sisters and girlfriends are connected to the club through the senior players or friends of the club but strangely, this has not ignited a demand among the female contingent…well, not quite… there is a whisper.

We believe this whisper needs to grow, HAS to grow, for the benefit of the club on a variety of levels.

We want to see the members and families involved and invested in the club as this gives it heart and we realise that a major aspect is the ladies. A voice on the committee to give attention to concerns, to highlight issue we may overlook and deal with problems we cannot see, a driving force behind the ladies side of the club to ensure it is treated equally and every opportunity is given to the girls and young ladies involved in the club now and in the future to benefit from the core values of sport, teamwork, sisterhood and community that we aim to achieve with our growing club.

We just need someone to step up to the plate… Please let us know if that person could be you!



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