Manager (Bainisteoir) Role

The Bainisteoir is an integral and important role in the club which is directly linked to the mental, physical and emotional health of the club and squad as well as being directly responsible for winning matches and tournaments.

The role requires organisation, foresight, planning, experience, interpersonal and emotional management skills, discipline in training and on the pitch in games and (arguably) most importantly, solid and concise communication skills.

As well as these they are also responsible for on site management, the smooth running of training sessions, coach and equipment management as well ensuring al players are properly registered and fully paid up members of the club.


Select coaches to ensure training is run smoothly and properly
Ensure that training times are set and players are reminded in good time
Working with players to help facilitate attendance at training and matches
Equipment is available, deployed properly and effective as well as collected and returned in good state
Goals are in good condition and placed, secured and returned after each session
Coaches are supported and proper attention is given while training
Ensure training sessions are engaging and encouraging for all involved to help with player recrutiment and retention


The Bainisteoir are responsible for ensuring players are fit and healthy, have meet proper fitness requirements and have proper medical and insurance provision


The Bainisteoir is there to help coaches focus on and develop player skills through appropriate training, skills development exercises with adequate and appropriate match play to help build bonds and develop team spirit


Ensure all players have gum shields and use them
Ensure players have insurance fully paid up
Ensure Players are properly registered and transferred
Ensure players are informed in good time of match dates
Help arrange travel and facilitate player travel issues
Ensure squads are registered and the team sheet has been produced for the match and delivered electronically to the competing clubs 24 hours before the match
The Bainisteoir will select (with input from the coaching committee) the team captain – make it a good one.
Esnure the sideline and substitue bench is managed properly
Develop the sqaud tactics and plays for matches


In all aspects of the above, the Bainisteoir will liaise with the officers and committee who will make themselves available to support the Bainisteoir in their efforts remembering that their main focus is to WIN MATCHES.

The Bainisteoir should have every player’s number and name on their phone and know the players WELL to ensure proper player selection and engagement.

Positive reinforcement is an important aspect of club health so no shouting, abusive language, negativity or defamation. A quiet word will always win.

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