RTE’s John Murray Show interviews Achilles the Iraq GAA Goalkeeper!

We were really happy to hear from John Reilly of RTE who heard about Akilles Haider, the Iraq Goalkeeper for the Costa Gaels and wanted to do an interview of him for the John Murray Show.

Akilles gives a great interview with Pat Kenny about leaving Baghdad, joining the Merchant Navy and inevitably, ending up in an Irish Pub and playing Gaelic Football with the ex-pats on the Costa Del Sol.

Go on the Baghdad Bomber! Well done Akilles!

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2 comments on “RTE’s John Murray Show interviews Achilles the Iraq GAA Goalkeeper!
  1. Faisal khazal says:

    Very proud to be part of this talented family. Being only 5 years old, my cousin Akilles was the first to drop me in the deep end; making me good enough to play for my school football team. At this stage, I’m a sponsored athlete competing for GB in bodybuilding. So I can say it runs in the family ;)
    Proud of you my cousin; made us all proud.

  2. Bob Smith says:

    He’s got the build for a goalkeeper! I’ve known Akilles for a few years now but I never knew he was Irish by adoption! Akilles, you could never do better than to fall in with the Irish:)
    May the lilt of Irish laughter
    lighten every load.
    May the mist of Irish magic
    shorten every road…
    And may all your friends remember
    all the favours you are owed!

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