Scoring and Goals the GAA Scoring System

Yep, the scoring in GAA is as odd as hell, but it makes sense. I swear to god it does.


In Gaelic football and hurling there are two types of score, a goal or a point.

A point is scored by playing the ball over your opponents’ end line, between their goalposts, and over the crossbar.
Heres some examples:

A goal is scored by playing the ball over your opponents’ end line, between the goalposts, and under the crossbar.

A goal is worth three points.


gaa-goalPlayers may score from either the hand or the foot in football, or the hurl and foot in hurling. A goal cannot be scored using the hand pass method, although points can be scored this way.

A goal scored by hand will count if the referee deems it not to have been by the hand pass method e.g. if a player is in possession of the ball, drops it, and punches the ball into the goal this will count.

A set of goals in Gaelic football/hurling are similar to those of rugby. The two vertical posts (goalposts) are placed 14 yards apart, with a horizontal bar (crossbar) between them, 8 feet from the ground.

If a defender plays the ball through his own goalposts, whether by foot or by hand, the appropriate score is awarded to the attacking team. A defending player may score an own goal with a hand pass.

Some cracking goals here:

and incase you are still wondering, heres a great round up of both goals and points!

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7 comments on “Scoring and Goals the GAA Scoring System
  1. hueman says:

    Watching a game now & I’m confused about the points given..Ros are 1-04 & May 0-08 but they said they level on score..How are points given & what is the middle digit for?

  2. Costa Gaels says:

    The scoring in hurling and Gaelic football is the same system and always causes a bit of head scratching for those new to the sports! Roscommons score is 1-04 – that means they scored 1 goal and 4 points over the bar. Goals in GAA are worth 3 points. That makes the Roscommon total 4 + 3 = 7. The great thing about it is I know that they scored a goal even without having seen the game, usually a much harder achievement in a match, obviously, than simply “taking yer points”.

    I think the middle digit your talking about is the 0 in the Roscommon score of 1-04? If so, that’s because points will usually run into double digits and it just makes it clear that at this stgae only 4 points over the bar have been scored.

    That make sense? Hope so, and hope you keep enjoying the game!

  3. Patrick says:

    Where can i watch live game?

  4. kieran connolly says:

    Between 1895 and 1910 the G.A.. goal posts included “points posts” rather like the current Aussie Rules. I would be very grateful for any information about the scoring system used in these years

  5. Costa Gaels says:

    The only reference I could find was the “O’Brien Pocket History of Gaelic Sport” by Eamonn Sweeney – There must be more info on it. Will keep an ear and an eye out!

  6. Eoghan Molloy says:

    If the ball goes directly over the post ( not the crossbar) is it a point

  7. Costa Gaels says:

    Nope! The ball must go BETWEEN the uprights. If it goes right over the upright it is NOT a point. It would be REALLY hard to judge without hawkeye though!

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