GAA top 20 Moments 1971 Babs Keating

A celebration of the finest moments in GAA History:


Babs Keating Playing Bare-footed in Croke Park

(Sorry the sound on this one is distorted, not much to be done)

Babs Keating was an outstanding footballer and hurler for both Tipperary and Munster and he was an acknowledged class act in the original All-Stars of 1971. In 1971 in the All-Ireland Hurling Championship – which was won by Tipperary – Babs was outstanding that year. He was the scorer and make of many points and goals for his team.

In the All-Ireland final, he played in his bare feet. It was a rare sight, something different you could say, and he managed to play very well. First he took off one boot but he couldn’t run properly so he took off the second boot.

Then he took off both his stockings because he found that they were tripping him up. A remarkable sight, indeed.

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