GAA Summer Camp Spain – Benny Tierney Talking as Usual

Yep! Its on! The GAA summer camp in Marbella is in full swing and lo and behold we have the hardest working man in Ireland, currently making out hes the hardest working man outside of Ireland, yes, its the one and only, Benny Tierney!

Benny gives us the low down on the GAA Summer Camp in Marbella, Spain 2011 and takes the opportunity to describe how he puts 100% (more) effort in than anyone else on the planet.

Well done Benny!

** It has been reported on the National Spanish News today that the sales of factor 150 sun cream have rocketed since Benny Tierney arrived in Spain. From what we can see it looks more like he might need to add a few more zeros to that to save that soft Armagh complexion!

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