The Tipperary Lockin at Puerto Banus…Gordon style

So we had dinner last Friday night with the Irish Club Marbella and a few of the lads from the team turned up to meet up, enjoy some fine food at Beckitt’s Restaurant and of course, sink a few beers and the evening turned into a fine old night with plenty of messing about and cheer.

But this story is about one person in particular.  Our esteemed Chairman of the Gaelic Athletic Football Club, good ole Gordon himself.

Say Hello to the man himself.

Now, if you don’t know our Gordon he runs a great wee Irish bar in Puerto Banus and an avid GAA man he is, so its nice to see that he didn’t let the side down again on this occasion.

After consuming a substantial, but not inebriating amount of alcohol at dinner, the party was really only getting started as Gordon and a few of the lads went “visiting” a full of the local drinking establishments around Marbella until the wee small hours upon which Gordon decided that he had had enough and took a taxi back to Banus where he decided to check in on his bar and make sure all was well.

Now at this stage, the night had wore on and our Gordon was a little the worse for wear.  But no bother to the man from Tipperary, he had responsibilities and not man nor an act of God would stop him checking out his beloved bar!

Having asked the young lass there if all was well then established that all was in order, the staff where fine and the folks in enjoying a few beers where seen to, Gordon decided to sit down and relax a little.

On a sofa.

A big soft sofa.

The inevitable happened and our Gordon fell asleep. Thats’ not so bad though and you cant blame a man for catching 40 winks in his own bar.

Its when he awoke that the story unfolds.

Having consumed a pretty fine amount of drink and woken up Gordon hauled his fat arse of the sofa and declared “I’m of to me bed lads, goodnight!”

Everyone nodded at this wise decision from the publican… that is until, to their amazement,  they saw him locking the doors to the bar behind him as he left and buggered off down the stairs with a spring in his step and not a care in the world.

I’ve heard of lockins before, and I’m not sure how they do them down in Tipperary, but Gordon, your the man and I think next time you might want to try positioning yerself INSIDE the bar to make it an official lockin and one that folks can at some point leave!

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